Q & A


How long have you been working in the photography industry & how did you decide to become a photographer?

I have been working in the photography industry for about 4 years now. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing photographers here in Halifax. I graduated from NSCC from the photography program where I learned how to light subjects properly & become a better photographer. I obtained the skills needed to work effectively & efficiently but also allow my mind to be creative & develop my own style.

I decided to become a photographer because I enjoy working with people and creating images. Storytelling is such a huge part of this job and its an honour to document pieces of others lives. I think that is what photography is really all about. It is an amazing career and I feel very privileged every single day. It is a perfect way to express my creativity and meet amazing people along the way!


What sets you apart from other photographers in the industry?

Great question! I feel my overall style of photography has developed into a mix of creative candid/documentary/naturally posed images. I allow the moments to unfold, and capture your wedding day with a story telling approach. Of course there are times when direction and posed images are key during a wedding day, but I love to capture those real moments and emotions. Honestly- there are some great photographers out there! It’s really about choosing a photographer that fits the style of photography that you love of course, but also– it is important to choose someone you connect & feel comfortable with. Feeling at ease at the beginning in your consultation is a great sign that it’s a good fit!


Will I have a second shooter at the wedding?

Definitely! I have a second shooter for all my weddings! My second shooter will photograph the ceremony/reception to get different angles and help out with the off camera lighting during the rest of the day! Most times my second shooter/assistant is Eric, who is also my partner & best friend of 7+ years. We work together great as a team & he is an amazing navigator; light holder; gear carrier & water supplier. He helps to make everything go more smoothly during the day. And lets be honest- id be lost without him. Literally.. I have a terrible sense of direction. : )


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, of course! I will have more then enough tools and equipment to photograph your wedding day, no matter what surprises come up!


Do you take on more then one wedding per day?

Absolutely not! I book only one wedding per day. Most couples book my services for at least 8 hours so there is really no way I could photograph more then one wedding per day. Plus, I strive to really get to know my clients on a personal level & focus all my time & skills on that one couple.


This sounds like everything we have been looking for! What is the next step?

The next step is to book your free consultation! I would love to hear about your needs & your vision for your wedding day. Also I would like to find out what your looking for in your photographer to see if we are a good match!  I look forward to hearing from you! : )