Tara & Ben | Halifax Engagement Photographer


When I first met Tara & Ben to chat about their wedding plans I loved the story of how they met! We decided to incorporate the two places involved in their story, which added a personal touch to their engagement session! Here is a little bit about their story.

Ben had been tossing around a football one afternoon at Rainbow Haven with a few friends when the ball went off course and ironically hit Tara while she was sun tanning. They hadn’t really met at this point because a friend retrieved the ball and they both returned to their activities. Fate had it that later on that evening Tara ended up at the Bitterend Martini Bar.. where Ben also was. Ben’s friend recogonized Tara from earlier in the day as the girl who had been hit with the football. Ben approached her, & Tara proceeded to buy Ben a sour apple martini. (on someone else’s tab of course! haha) & the rest is history. They do stop in often to enjoy the atmosphere & have their favourite Martini!

A special thanks to the staff at Bitterend who were very accommodating and patient while we recreated the elements of how they first met! It was also beautiful evening at Rainbow Haven where the bugs and mosquitoes tried to eat us alive but thank you Tara & Ben for sticking it out! Oh and did I mention their ridiculously cute dog, Lily? She was a great addition to the shoot as well! Here are a couple shots from their session.. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this October!